[Feedback] Thank you so much guys! I Finally got a desired Job

I completed my Computer Sci engineering in 2015 and jobless as a regular Indian parent, My parents suggested to take up UPSC but UPSC coaching was so costly I always dreamed to be a software engineer until 2017 I had no proper guidance to study or prepare for interviews as youtube content is not fully covered or some major remains untouched I didn’t know what’s next after watching one as they are not made by single instructor

A good content in the online e-platform like Udemy Udacity was priced though it was worthy I was unable to afford I felt guilty for asking my parents the sum of 800inr at that time I finally found FTU a year ago and it helped me a lot getting the course I requested for free, I decided to choose Web developer as my career and downloaded the course content and 6 months of hard struggle and today I finally cracked the online interview via interviewing.io for a junior web developer [NodeJS-React Developer] in B2B corporate after a telephonic interview round
I am very glad FTU service started else I would be running behind UPSC coaching and software developer would be still a dream

and after the selection, I decided to purchase the course from Udemy to support the Udemy platform and the instructor after my first salary

Thank you so much @SaM & it’s team, you are enlighting the life of many people like me who can not afford and come from the poor or lower-middle-class background

And this celebration is nothing without you guys :hugs:


Congratulations bro!It’s all possible because of freetutorial team!thanks a lot @sam and other admins for this wonderful and friendly site .Proud to be a member of this amazing group. :slight_smile:


Congrats!! Bro
And all the credits goes to master @SaM and other team members also who are actively working for us.


My Hearty Congrats! brother. Your dream is no more a dream now. You made it real with the dedication and support of this FTU team. Appreciations to entire FTU TEAM. You people are really amazing.Hope every learner here lands their dream job


Congratulations, bravo dude :slight_smile:


I am very happy for you. FTU is such spectacular and affordable environment providing high education with zero of cost to people whoever just like you no matter what class of their own life come from. In my opinion, I think FTU and SaM should be proud what they have done good work and your testimony @ragupal is fuel to them to keep up with full of wholehearted emotions. Again congratulation on your thrive I hope all the best for new transformation in your life.


Thanks to Our Dear Brother @SaM and the Entire Team of Contributers!!! We Love You all coz Your Idea and Your Dream with which FTU was started has reached the time of Fruition!!! Im ready for more Good News!!!


Cheers, pal. All credit goes to Udemy and other e-learning websites. :beers:

And remember, when you started earning, whichever amount… Don’t forget to purchase each and every course, if possible, all at once, if not, then do purchase one by one, because these courses helped you to achieve your dream goal.


Congrats !! Special thanks to @Egypt-Firon and @SaM. You’re changing lives of people.


Bro this is really inspirational to me… credits goes to @SaM… I’m creating my turn… by a jobless CSE graduate.


I agree with team FTU. If you got job then do purchase the courses which helped you. After all, it’s a job of someone else too.


Congrats hope you kickass, if you may take a littel bit of your time and tell us about the courses that benefited you the most or books, whaterver helped!


Hey you did a great job right there buddy. Congrats. Btw I’m wondering as a junior how much are you getting paid? And one more thing, stick to the path as you became so successful in just 6 months with obviously those hardcore dedication. God bless you.


congrates bro .

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Stephen Grider’s React Courses and JS interview bootcamp with data structure one were the whole references

used codesandbox.io to implement the code practically

and solved online MCQ based on nodejs and react


This is a motivation to me congratulation man


@ragupal HEY BRO i am wondering HOW YOU GOT inerviewing.io courses can you share this please . i want because i have to go some interview. share the link bro if you have it.

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I too wanted to thankyou guys for a long time.You guyz really making a really gud job.Let your guys soul rest in Heaven :wink:

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Great, congratulations also for buying the course when he could.


@ragupal from your heartful dedication you clear the biggest hurdle of your life. Congo bro for your success. :smile: