[Feedback] THANK 1HACK and FTU/FCO Familly

Dear @SaM and OneHack Familly,

I am so grateful to you , because of you I am changing my life style and the direction of my life to be a better person.
I had no purpose in life until I subscribe to your site and visit it.
Your website content literally change my life especially your advices of in your life lessons guide. ** and all the others tutorials to help us have an access to “premuim learning”…

Today i would like to become a Data Analyst and i work hard to achieve this goal. I had no background in programmin or computer science even in mathematics, but here , since 8 months, i learned python, java, R… computer science, algorithms, statistics and so much subjects…
You gave us an access to the most greatest treasure : knowledge, and you give it to us freely…
Please excuse my poor english, it’s here that i have learned to speak english from zero with your shared courses on the subject, and i continue to perfect my learning.

Thank you SO MUCH FOR your tutorials and courses. I will always be grateful to you @SaM. Thanks a lot.

If you guys agree that he helped us and this platform has given what we always needed, Do appreciate. :slight_smile:


True, they’re helping me from more than a year aswell. Different accounts same person. Thanks!!


Good luck and wishing you more success in life. @SaM and other members thank you we really appreciate your commitment to the site.


@George_Alain I’m Speechless buddy, and I am a tiny creature that always looked forward to provide things that his members need plus always wanted to keep you guys happy Indeed I’m grateful to God all the time, I would like to thank each and every member here to believing in me and having faith on this Platform. You members are the one precious gem to this platform, and I’m thankful to a Team-mate behind the scene that he always stood behind me when I was not here or I needed someone to cover thing at my back!

Live long and Thank you, everyone, for appreciation and loving. God bless you all. :blush:


The help you’re providing is much appreciated @SaM


Congratulations to your success. If you can do it, everyone can.

Because of your post, I just started reading through the 'life lessons ’

This website is a blessing… I hope to become a better individual. Thanks


Thank you so much… @George_Alain for sharing your amazing story with us. There is a lot of people in this platform who learn from those tutorials and courses, some of them changing their life and some even landing their dream job. But only few people like you take a moment to appreciate this valuable platform and the amazing people who working pretty hard to make everything perfect for us for free, without expecting anything from us. I’m so proud about you man, seriously I do and I’m very glad that you took 100% advantage from those courses that you learnt from, and I think this is the best way to thank to @SaM and everyone who working hard behind the scene.:heart:

I check every new post in this platform everyday, But I rarely see posts like this.
I wish to see a lot of new posts like this in my screen everyday. It’s means and feels a lot.
I also have an amazing story like yours to share and I will share it soon…:slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Every one. So Grateful to have so much information which is really useful to improve life.
a big thanks to the Givers.


I always want to say you “Thank You” @SaM .
Some of your posts made me helpful though I have tried many times on google but didn’t works. You saved me bro.
Again, I want to tell you “Thank You”


I really thank to 1HACK and FTU/FCO family from the bottom of my heart.They are really doing a fantastic job.I hope they continue this.#freeeducation4all


Thanks a lot @Chamith_Janaka , your message goes straight to my heart. This platform is the best. Every tutorial posted here help me a lot, the team workin on this platform gave me the strengh and tools to achieve my dreams.
Everytime i want to give up i read ‘Life lessons’ by @SaM.


Congratulation @George_Alain. This platform has changed many lives. There are a lot of guys who are successful because of this platform.
And mostly Thank you @SaM for everything. :blush:


Just joined 2 days back, I havent closed the site yet. I went thru the Dropbox trick, I also liked Hosting method. Over all really genuine group of people here who are willing to help each other. Take some time from there day and help each other.
I am getting a sense that everyone who is part of the community is a positive individual who is willing to take some time and help others. Kudos and Much Love.


Thank you to this forum from my side too :blush:


Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


2 words, Unlimited ammount of appreciation. “Thank You” @SaM and other team members. Thank You so much!


@George_Alain Agreed! Thanks OneHack platform and contributors. Really changing lives.


Really @SaM thank you very much for all your efforts and supporting nature!!
You are integral part of the success of every member of this community.


yeah i’m also appreciate that sam brother you are a good person with good heart !!!


Thanks FTU and FCO for getting me a job and brushing my skillset. Apart from that onehack has provided with so many hacks and cracks. No other site will provide it. And finally thank SAM for providing us with so many great contents.

Long live