[Feedback] Expressing My Thanks and Appreciation

Hello All,

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to the @SaM & it’s team and community.

You have all made it possible for us all to learn, improve our jobs, and quality of life while saving thousands of dollars each day. I’ve noticed that we all help each other when in need and deperate times and I feel we are developing a great community.

As long as we follow the rules, stay in good behavior and do everything in the correct way this site will continue to thrive, grow and serve the community for many years to come.

I’ve learned alot and thank you all for pointing me to the great alternative places to go to get what I need if its not here yet. And if something isnt here yet, please be patient, we’ll all get it soon :wink:

I’m happy and proud to be apart of this community and I thank you all! I wish you all great luck and prosperity.



That is great and glad to hear!!. This site helps many people who are not able to afford a quality education. If you learn something and got some income/job outta it, and if you can spare some money, please do try and support Udemy instructors. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Take care! Wish you well


I agree with mi6, if you get a job don’t forget to support udemy instructors :slight_smile:


I completely agree!

Prior to learning about freetutorials.us, I had been using Udemy for 2 years. At that time I’ve purchased a total of 16 courses.

Now, that I’ve found freetutorials.us I’m able to download courses from the home page and test the courses out to see if I like them. If I do like them I end up buying them from Udemy to get the full support and updates. Now I have a total of 22 paid courses, not counting the free coupon courses I’ve got from here.

Another good way to support the Udemy folks is when you get the free coupons, leave the Udemy instructors a good review, hence that is why they hand out free coupons so that you can help them beef up their courses. So in the end we win and they win, which creates a lovely harmonious cycle.