FCC Proposes Hefty Fines To Carriers for Not Protecting Consumer Location Data

The Federal Communications Commission announced Friday that it has proposed fining the nation’s four largest wireless carriers $200 million for selling access to their customers’ location information without taking reasonable measures to protect customers’ real-time location information. From a report: The agency is proposing T-Mobile face a fine of more than $91 million. AT&T will be fined more than $57 million. It’s fining Verizon more than $48 million. And Sprint’s fine will be more than $12 million. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the proposed fines have put wireless carriers on notice that they need to do a better job protecting consumers’ privacy. “This FCC will not tolerate phone companies putting Americans’ privacy at risk,” he said in a statement. Still, the amount of the fines is a drop in the bucket for the nation’s carriers. For instance, Verizon reported fourth quarter revenue of $34.78 billion; AT&T reported revenue of $46.82 billion; and T-Mobile reported revenue of $11.88 billion.

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