Fastdork | Chrome Extension to Create Lists of Google and Github Dork and Open Multiple Tabs With One Click


This chrome extension allows you to create lists of Google and Github dork to open multiple tabs with one click,
import “scope/out of scope” from HackerOne/Bugcrowd/Intigriti and extract links from raw data.

Table of contents


  • git clone
  • Go to chrome://extensions/ and check the box for Developer mode in the top right corner.
  • Go back to the chrome://extensions/ page and click on Load unpacked extension button and select the FastDork folder.

fastdork gif

Tab FastDork

  1. Select One Domain/One Dork
  2. Choose Google Dork / Github Dork (choose which platform to open tabs.)
  3. Select list of dork
  • When you choose One Domain, select list with multiple dorks
  • When you choose One dork, select list with multiple domains (don’t forget to add replace in this input)
  1. Save (you can save the parameter of this tab)
  2. Open dork’s button

Tab Template

Import links from HackerOne, Bugcrowd and Intigriti

To use this functionality, go to the program page then click on the button Import links from HackerOne/Bugcrowd/Intigriti.

Import links from Google and Github

Same logic, the import buttons will appear when google/github search will be visited.

The links are saved automatically after each click on import buttons (in case if captcha appears)

Import Dorks from Google Hacking Database

You can import dorks from Exploit DB, the import button will appear after visiting the google hacking database page.

Copy to clipboard

To copy list textarea to your clipboard, click on this icon icon clipboard

Extract Links from Raw data

To extract links, paste raw data in list textarea then click on this icon. icon clipboard

Tab Setting

In this tab you can Add or Delete list, you can also Reset the extension data.


:warning: Error messages :

  • Error: Remove replace and select list with strings

If you choose One Domain, remove the string replace and replace it by one domain name. (Example :

  • Error: You forgot to add replace

If you choose One Dork you need to add the string replace in the field and then select the list with domains.


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