[EXPIRED] x1 .EDU Email for Any 1Hacker Who Gives Effort In-Return!

As the title says,

* We will give x1 .EDU e-mail account to any single 1Hacker who gives effort In-Return!

What I want in Exchange (BARTER)?

Post something useful tutorials or any useful stuff that you know, for 1Hackers! It can be anything even from the web, it’s fine! But please >>> [NO COUPONS] :slightly_frowning_face:

You have to post atleast 5 working tutorials, that should be some sort of rare finds, not like any outdated stuff, or any coupons codes, but it should be a worth having a look kinda tutorials.

  • It can be anything from, how to’s, to — any tricks & tips or any new kinda stuff that will help other 1Hackers in any way. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know, how you can help 1Hack in return? then
Check the threads from other 1Hackers >>> https://onehack.us/categories

It’s time to give back the community what we took from it . :heart:

Sounds fair enough? :face_with_monocle:

Start from now! Once you done from your side, just PM me @TheJoker with all your threads links, I will check and give you the account credentials! :slight_smile:

Credits: @dydx :heart:

Good luck! :+1:


Hi @TheJoker
I already did what you asked
And I made the pots with some litlle things that I hope can be usefull to all people here at the 1TH.
I also already receive the PM with the prize, Thank you very much for that.

Ps: Also thank you @dydx


Heads up! We have one more x1 .EDU Email! Anyone? :slight_smile:

Credits: @dydx


Thks I hv received my edu account. I like this forum its very flexible and transparent system.I will keep on contributing :blush:

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