[EXPIRED] Google Adwords Unlimited Coupons With This Method [NOT-TESTED]

[GET] Google Adwords Unlimited Coupons with this Method [NOT-TESTED]



      • Portugal Adword Account (create it with VPN)
  1. Go to https://controlpanel.amen.pt/registration.html - Don’t change language
    (“Faça o Login com o seu email”)

  2. Create a account with your email

  3. Use a random number, for example 91xxxxxxxx
    This step doesn’t matter, you just need to create an account, not confirm it.

  4. Go to
    http://adwords.amenworld.pt/Get_Cupon.php?u=*email here*
    Just replace “email here” with your email.

  5. You will receive the coupon in your email.
    (The success message is “O seu Código Promocional Google AdWords foi enviado para o seu email.”)

  6. Repeat and just add a dot in your email, and make it like “[email protected]