[Expired] Beginner to Pro : PowerPoint Animation Tips and Tricks



@Autonomous_Guy The coupon code has already sold out.

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@ruin07 stop commenting the same thing on each and every post, you sound like a broken record. yes the coupon has expired but what can he or anyone do about it?, you should have enrolled for the course when he posted the link and if your are new to the forum just wait for the updated coupon or PM him if you are that desperate.

@santhosh1 Just want to inform the thread starter to to change the post title to Expired.
It will also inform others that the coupon code was expired. Just saying.:grinning::+1:


@ruin07 just PM him buddy, there is no point in digging up previous posts and wasting other’s time with unnecessary notifications.

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@santhosh1 Ok bro next time I will just PM him. Thanks for the advice.


Mates I have nothing to do if Any coupons gets expired. Even longevity of a coupons depends completely upon how much was declares during coupon creation also from various source people are accessing them. most of the coupons lasts no more than 6 hours some even expired within 30 minutes. so what I can do I find any new coupons I’ll share it instantly that’s all I can do.

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