[EXPIRED] Arduino Programming For Beginners | Udemy



Learn how to make comment. It was shared one day ago and 8 people hits like for nothing. And what you mean by again? I share expired coupon!!!

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yes i have complaint against you from before… you always share expired coupons

@SaM I think admin should take care. Cause sharing expired coupon is misleading forum. And admin should take special care with such person who misleading forum.

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its obvious that coupon will expire, its been 24hrs.

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@Assam_Sound_Hits What you actually trying to prove here? Obviously coupon expired it should be expire after limited time so whats the big deal? You missed it that’s your problem not mine. and that doesn’t mean if expired then it’s dead. wait for next working coupons. Patience. If any shared coupon expires during 24 hours then it will Removed by me.

And stop making statements thoughtlessly. Next time think before what you type. Good luck!