[EXPIRED] 2x Microsoft Windows 10 RTM Professional Key

2x Microsoft Windows 10 RTM Professional Key

Requirements to get account Credentials:

Trust Level/Rank: Member & Above
Position: Been a Member trust level + have member badge from the last 5 months. (means you have the badge from the last 5 months)
Read time: 2days (at-least)
Must Like this topic.

Note : PM if your account meets with requirements, Otherwise avoid to send PM. DO NOT BOTHER.

Description : This is a Digital License activation key so you need to be connect to internet to activate it.


Great Giveaway!

i want please

Awesome giveaway
Unfortunately, I don’t meet minimum read time xD

Both the keys have been given away so kindly don’t PM and ask for Key.


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Thanks, @Leroy_K_Richards for the contribution & requesting to close the topic :+1:

Everyone > The giveaway is Over now, kindly avoid sending PM’es to OP.

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