Expert Opsec Complete Guide 2021


What if one day your computer was ever stolen from your home, hotel room or
rental car? What if it was borrowed by a friend of yours/family relative and lost or
forgotten at school or on the bus? What if you were robbed and your backpack
stolen? What if the police ever raided your home and took control of your digital
devices to conduct a thorough investigation, that could potentially leave you in a
dire situation, where you could face years in prison? What if any of a thousand
scenarios occurred that resulted in you losing physical control, whether
permanently or temporarily, of your computer? In any of these instances the new
“owner” of the computer may try to take a look at your data. What will they find

On my fully encrypted Windows, Mac, and Linux laptops they would find nothing
but a blank screen prompting them for a boot password. My entire hard drives,
including the operating system, are encrypted and the devices will not boot
without the correct password. Replace my computer with that of most users, and
the answer is likely to be credit reports, medical documents, resumes, family
photos, saved logins, credit cards, financial information, internet browsing history,
hobbies, sexual affinities, criminal evidence, and much more. All of this
information, can be used to harass, blackmail, extort, or further exploit you. It
could be used to steal your identity, open lines of credit, or commit crimes in your
name, leaving you to clean up the mess.

For any of us committing fraud and other similar criminal activities online, this
information WILL be used in court to put you in jail for many years. Unfortunately,
the US government has a reputation for not going easy on cyber-criminals and if
you ever get caught, be sure they will do everything in their power to land you in
jail for as many years as they possibly can.
Although basic security is boring, without we cannot rely on the more “advanced”
security measures we discuss later in this tutorial. This chapter should serve as a
good review of your baseline digital perimeter.


Happy learning!