[Exclusive] Get Free Codecademy Pro | Limited Time Offer! ⭐

Here is the method to get Codecademy Pro for free (limited time only) [Thanks to Mango, source, Nulled]

Click here and create an account : https://www.codecade…r-support/apply

Then fill the form and tell that you’re working in a local restaurant/fastfood/supermarket that has closed because of the COVID-19 and you want to learn code and get a new career.

2-3 days later you’ll get your Pro code on your e-mail.


(Do let me know when it’s get done)


I recommend everyone to join this course. Its really great and especially their path programs. Its one of the best.


What is duration of pro subscription using this method?

The duration of the course is 3 months from the date they send you the confirmation. I have applied. Hope for the best.



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Is it working? It just takes me to login page

Yeah , you have to create an account/login first (i made a new one) then the free subscription form will show up.

Thanks a lot. I have applied for this.

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Codeacademy has very good content, i took it before and their Javascript path is one of the most complete path i know, I request all of the members not to leech and give this oppurtinity to those who have not learnt programming, thanks @sam for this


Thanks bro for sharing , this will help many jobless friends and people , I know many friends who have university diplomas in good fields and those fields are demanded but they are jobless, hope the best for all.


thanks, man , applied waiting for confirmation.


bro it is taking me to login page

Thank you SaM for this awesome share.
Codecademy has better pedagogy to teach programming.

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Thanks for this.Now we wait.

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Hello everyone do we need to use vpn (USA) before applying to this?

No need to vpn or any trick :grin:

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None of my VISA debit cards are working
showing this warning
“Please check that you have provided the correct card information. If the problem persists, contact your bank.”

You will have pro edition without credit card if you follow @SaM 's method for 3 months , just you need to wait at max 15 days to study your case

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:100:Times:Thank You @SaM

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