Exchange and get Mindvalley and Kwik Brain courses for free

We have all the courses of Mindvalley and Kwik Brain except the following-

  1. Be Extraordinary at Work
  2. Everyday Bliss
  3. Mindvalley Yoga Quest
  4. Mastering Authentic Networking
  5. Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass
  6. Superlearner (actual one from official website)
  7. Vedic maths actual course by Gaurav Tekriwal (not the Udemy one)
    If anyone is having any of the above courses, then please let me know. I would provide you some way to contact me and within 1 week I would provide you links to download any 1 or more courses for free.
    See, this is a win-win attitude.
    You can get any of the above courses for free by various means like buying, downloading and refunding etc.
    We have spent a lot of money and time to acquire the these. So, please let us know if you have any.

what can we get in return?

Download here: Anthony Metivier - Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass


thankyou for the share
is this really the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass the $500 one ?

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass consists of 5 modules, 2 of them are good, and the other 3 just repeat the old things.
This link is of the first and the most important module.
The 2nd module is on language vocabulary memorization, download it here (mega link, decrypt using uUBy3CnYcPfg_gR44PGS4ClUszXa_wvQGnMTFO4GQh4).
The 5th module is based on a book by the same person, it can be downloaded here.
All such memory courses contain the same content, a PDF book or two will be enough to learn it all. (Harry Lorrayne’s books are really good.)


See, if you provide me the download links of any of the above courses, I would provide you with any course of your choice. I have all the courses of Mindvalley and KwikBrain except the ones given above. I also have Learn More, Study Less by Scott H Young.

To correct you, the MMM contains 5+4 modules. Reviews suggest that all of them are not the same. Maybe, I can be wrong. But, if you could provide me a complete explanation of all the 9 modules, whether to keep or to ditch them, you can ask for any course for free, which I have said earlier.
Here is my ID-
Decode using-

You can either contact via email or chat here. You can even ask for more than 1 course. But I need atleast 1 week for doing so.
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Please do provide the complete course. Only then I would be able to exchange 1 or more courses with you. You can also email me at the ID in the reply of pranavmittal611.

By the way, your link for 2nd ink is not opening. It says, connection reset.

I don’t have an exchange but I would appreciate a lot the course Duality from Jeffrey Allen. Please, share with us S2

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It’s a sad day when people start wanting something in return instead of freely sharing like so many good people here on the forum. Imagine if @Hyperdemongod started asking for things in return for his coupons, or @SaM demanding donations for server costs, or @BlueHacker for his posts, @Astrid for his shares, and so on.


There are only 5 main modules, the other 4 so-called “bonus” modules are rubbish.


Totally agree.


Well Said! @MikeBlueberry


Link updated.

Totally agree. Sometime there are people who just want to take. Not ready to give. So when they have something valuable, they only share it when they have something in return.
In these two websites you can download most of the **mindvalley** courses and other courses as well.


Kinhan, you provided a lot of courses. Scroll below to get my ID. You may sent an email with the courses you want and if it’s Gmail, we would provide the courses in a Team Drive.

ID- YmlnbmVzaHdhcjA5OEBnbWFpbC5jb20
Decode using-

pranavmittal611, still your course was not complete, yet we would like to provide you any course we have for free. Just drop an email provided in the ID below and wait for atmost a week. We would provide you for free.

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