Escape Account Locking Trick | 2022

I am sharing my big brain method to escape account linking on different websites. I am refunding for myself and have used this on amazon, ebay with no account linking.


1x Android phone

1x Mobile data plan and sim with mobile data

1x Ability to click on phone and install stuff

1x Android Application

  • You have to get the application called “Island” from Google play, it basically lets you have a copy of your apps in work place mode cutting everything that “island” from the rest of your phone

  • First you turn on mobile data, disable wi-fi.

  • Activate airplaine mode on your android device, turning it on and off, this will change your IP address.

  • Then you go to the Island app, activate it, clone Chrome/Amazon app and proceed as usual with your activities, they will not link your accounts this way, other requirements such as changing account order data must be ofcourse followed depending on the website needed for your purposes.

Happy learning!

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