Envato Elements Download issue

Hi Team,

I am trying to dowload few items from envato elements and ending up with 429 retry error.
Each and every time I need to click the captcha and download that files.

When I looked at the request there were two requests triggered and for license and one for download.
When I give the same captcha value also I am getting the same retry error.

Has any one tried this. Since Adding the items project leads to lifetime license.

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you may use this add-ons; Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans Link for Chrome

Thanks I already tried and it failed most of the times. Looking for generations of captcha token to pass to the api call. Any way to generate that. I will post the api details shortly

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429 means too many request. Maybe you should wait before downloading another stuffs. Usually, downloading more than 250 items per 24 hour, will get you captcha.


I will wait for 24h and then try it. I noticed downing different system is allowed for a while and then got the captcha

You can use Google Speech to Text, the result is up to 95%.

I have created automatic script that can download 270 assets before the Recaptcha V2 showed up. Still reverse engineering on Recaptcha which will manipulate score to 1 (human interaction).

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