Encode & Compress your videos like Netflix, Youtube, YIFY, etc

If you have ever downloaded a 1080p movie online that is hardly 1.5GB in size or streamed high quality videos on Netflix or Youtube with not so fast internet connection then you must know that this is all possible because the of video compression algorithms (codecs). Using this free program Handbrake you can compress your personal recorded videos using the same codecs that Netflix & Youtube uses. Since raw camera footages can take a lot of space this can come in handy for filmakers or anyone who stores and collects videos.
And also you can encode & create movies copies too which is its main objective.

Download Page Link: https://handbrake.fr/

1 You can select from a range of highly effiecient codecs
Different codecs give different compression effienciency. My fav is H.265 (10bit).

2 You can choose the quality level.
From my expirience keeping between 23-25 is hasn’t degraded any level of detail from my raw recorded camera videos. and has given me atleast 50% compression rate. And in many cases even 10%.

3 You can choose the compression speed.
The faster compression you choose the lower is the lower is the compression rate (large output file). The slower compression you choose the higher compression rate (small size file). the “fast” preset has worked fine for me but it also has slow, slower, very slow and paceblo presets. I don’t know what blissful level of compression you achieve with those.

4 Add your own and Customize the audio Track quality

5 Encode Subtitles

6 Add Filters

7 Add chapter markers

8 And ofcourse change resolution and cropping

Select Web Optimized and Align A/V for the making the video file more steamable and more better compressed.

Friendly Websites

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