Elon Musk's inspiration...GM falls behind?

Elon Musk’s inspiration for an electric car, GM EV-1. This car was a head of its time. People could not buy them, even at $600-700 a month lease, WITH NO OPTION TO BUY! No one could buy this car. People liked it and it was good for 90s’ technology. GM decided to force take them all back and destroy most of them. GM’s falling behind with technology or a bail-out after almost going bankrupt, after 2008 US housing market crash.
*** Time warp – GM, is NOW focusing on EVs.
Elon Musk bought Tesla stating GM’s EV-1 was an inspiration.
Modern electric cars are now main stream.
Article Meaning/Gist: Big companies, no matter how big they are make mistakes. Keep the path!

SOURCE: Wikipedia

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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