Effective Editing | How to Take Your Writing to the Next Level | eBook


Effective Editing: How to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Discover the crucial phase between drafting and publishing with writing coach and editor, Molly McCowan. With Molly’s guidance, we created Effective Editing: How to Take your Writing to the Next Level, which provides you with a step-by-step, self-editing process filled with tools and techniques that will help improve your narrative writing skills.

Topics Covered:

  • By This Professor
  • 01: Understanding the Four Levels of Editing
  • 02: Planning Your Edit
  • 03: Editing for Plot and Structure
  • 04: Editing for Dynamic Characters
  • 05: Tackling Point of View
  • 06: Page-Turner Pacing: Scene versus Narration
  • 07: Building Stronger Scenes
  • 08: Showing versus Telling: Beyond the Basics
  • 09: Dialogue That Sparkles
  • 10: Sentences That Sizzle
  • 11: Pruning Your Prose
  • 12: When to Ignore the Grammar Rules

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