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Hello guys. It’s a lovely weekend and I feel like sharing with you guys this very important guide | EduTechTainMent All-In-One Guide to Entertainment | IPTV, PayTV, OTT. This will allow you to enjoy the Christmas and Newyear celebrations with your friends and families.

Pay TV and OTT (Over The Top) are two similar business models that allow end-users/consumers to subscribe to television content. Pay Tv is more expensive and requires the leasing or purchase of a proprietary satellite dish network Set Top Box (STB). OTT delivers its contents through a proprietary Content Delivery Network (CDN) over the public internet.

Over The Air (OTA) television signals are freely accessible through an antenna; Pay TV signals are encrypted to prevent service theft. Firmware in the proprietary STB decrypts the Digital Television (DTV) signals from the Pay TV service providers and allows access to contents based on the consumers’ subscription plan. Some popular Pay TV service providers in Africa are StarTimes, DSTv, etc.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc provide Over The Top (OTT) DTV signals over the public internet. Some of these services maybe offered freely or based on monthly or yearly subscription plans. The signals maybe encrypted also to prevent service theft. Some also provide ad services as source of revenue while others adopt the Pay-Per-View marketing model.

Most 21st century television sets are now smart devices that can wirelessly access the internet to stream media from these service OTT providers. Those who do not have smart Tv sets can also buy standalone devices such as Amazon Firestick, Roku, Google Chromecast, and many other third-party OEM android boxes to connect to their TV sets. These OTT services need internet data which can be gotten from various Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the delivery of DTS over the internet and is different from cable or satellite TV provision. IPTV offers three types of services. Video-On-Demand (VOD) in which viewers can watch any trending video they demand from the IPTV service providers. Time-shifted media which provides viewers with latest episodes for a limited time within which viewers can “catch-up” watching the shows. Live IPTV allows viewers to watch live TV program transmissions. Some IPTV services are free to access while some require a subscription plan.

Now we have a basic understanding about the above concepts, let’s dive in and learn about how to access these services using the EduTechTainMent All-In-One Guide to Entertainment | IPTV, PayTV, OTT.

EduTechTainMent All-In-One Guide to Entertainment | IPTV, PayTV, OTT

Ola TV

Ola TV is an android application that allows you to access many streaming media contents for FREE. The User Interface (UI) isn’t very intuitive. This app is a must-have because of its very rich contents. You get to access numerous popular and premium contents from all over the world- USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Even many African PayTV channels are found there. It also works and streams these media seamlessly. I will be offering some guides on how to set up and find some of the popular channel groups.

How to Setup Ola TV

Download Ola TV

You will need to also download two additional applications from Google Playstore- Ludio Player and KShaw.



Kshaw - Apps on Google Play

NOTE : -This Application does not provide any content itself. Users need to enter valid IPTV subscription Mac and Portal, that are provided by your IPTV service provider. -For android TV and FireStick …



Ludio player for IPTV - Apps on Google Play

This application allows you to view TV technology-based IPTV. The app doesn’t contain any channels, you need to add your own playlists.

The latest Ola TV app has been found not to install on devices sporting Android 11. Ensure to allow the apps some few seconds to load all of its contents whenever you start the app. Once you have installed all three applications, you are done! Start enjoying all the premium contents Ola TV has to offer. To get you started, check out these groups:

F-45 group of channels contain many African Pay TV channels like Mnet, SuperSport etc. Check out the All African group of channels under F-45

F-50 group of channels: check the AF Others and search for Uganda, you will see many African channels and much more.


This is another feature-rich app that allows you access premium contents from all over the world without the need to pay a dime as access fees.

How to Setup StbEmu

Download the StbEmu Pro apk.

Then follow the process I will outline below.

After clicking the menu at the top left, Click on change profile data profile name and input the text below


Click on change profile data ----> STB configuration -----> Mac address. Then input the text below


Click on change profile data -----> portal settings ------> portal url. Then input the text below:


Close the app and restart it again.

Enjoy all premium stations for free.

To navigate the app, use the On-screen navigation menu of Up, Down, Left, Right, PgUp, PgDown. Press the OK button to select an option. To set up your favorite channels, click on the purple 2nd to the last button on the right-hand side of your screen. After selecting all channels you wish to add to your favourites, you can make the app list all your favorite channels ONLY by clicking on the green button on the left hand side of your screen. This lists the channels according to order. Click on the down button, and select to choose Favorite. Then click OK. You will see all your favorite channels only listed for easy navigation.

Take your time to fully explore all the features of the app and all channels from all over the world.


This is another streaming media provider app. It’s a very content-rich app. All you need to do is install and enjoy the features. The app has a very intuitive UI that makes it easy to navigate across various collections of media contents. It supports all the popular devices: iOS, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Firestick, Smart TV, PC, etc



ZiniTevi Official - FREE Streaming app for iOS, Android, TV

TOP FREE Streaming Movies, Series, TV Shows online and offline for iOS, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Firestick, Smart TV, PC, Laptop, Macbook.


This is also a very nice feature-rich app. Download it from Google Playstore. After installation, you can choose whether you will use the app on your phone or TV. This will optimize the application’s UI accordingly. To set up the app with Live TV, click on the box near Settings and input in the URL space provided. This will serve you with much rich content from all over the world, including Netflix shows.



WATCHED - Multimedia Browser - Apps on Google Play

Combine the best of all content sources in an easy-to-use app. One App. True entertainment.

Yacine TV

This is another popular streaming service provider app focusing mainly on contents from the Middle East with some French channels. The app gets regular updates even for free users. There is a minimal amount of unobtrusive ads with an offer for a subscription to use the app without ads. The app offers premium contents from Bein Sports and Entertainment with channels for kids. You can also choose from high resolution video streaming to low resolution videos for those constrained by prohibitive internet data costs. Yacine TV app is my go-to channel for any football content viewing. Football lovers will find this app very invaluable.


Yacine TV - تحميل ياسين تيفي

ياسين تيفي افضل تطبيق لمشاهدة المباريات والقنوات المشفرة على الاندرويد


IP REAL TV is another IPTV service provider with feature-rich contents ranging from series, music, live Tv, to VOD and much more. Its a subscription based-service but EduTechTainMent will offer you a trial subscription username and password which gives you 6 months free trial offer validity. Use the details given below to log in to the app:







Apollo TV

This is one of the best available IPTV service providers. I consider it best amongst equals and highly recommend using their services. You get premium contents from popular PayTv, OTT and IPTV services, etc with contents categorized according to years, providers, genre, awards, etc; intuitive app UI both on phone and TV; dedicated app for both Android phone/TV box and smart TV; cheap/affordable subscription costs; ability to easily create a favourite channels list and many more. The icing on the cake is the fact that you are given TEN DAYS to try out the services provided, at no extra cost, without the need to provide your credit card details. You get the all contents and full benefits of all the services provided for premium members during this trial period.

How to setup Apollo TV

Visit the Apollo TV website and register an account. Download the Apollo apk for Android phone. After installing the app, open it, and input the M3U link sent to your registered Email address in the box provided… That’s all you need to start using the trial with full premium features.

For Amazon Firestick, follow the guide here to download the app onto your firestick. You will need your login details (usrname and apssword) sent to your Email address when you registered on the website. However, note that you cannot access the website with your Virtual Private Network (VPN). You will need an Email address and a phone number to register an account. Your trial log in details will be sent to the provided Email address. You will need this to log in to the app and access the IPTV services.

For easier navigation, you can add channels and movies to your favourites list. To do this, long press on the channel or movie.


Apollo Group TV

Apollo Group TV IPTV


That’s it, guys. Stay tuned to EduTechTainMent to get informed of the latest working ways to get access to premium streaming media content. Enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies with your friends and families during this festive season. Don’t forget to use the subscription box below to get notified whenever we publish such informative posts on EduTechTainMent.

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