Educational Gsuite Content Filtering Help needed

I just received GSUITE FOR EDUCATION. Is there any tool to filter my gsuite users from uploading or sharing restricted contents or Set up rules for objectionable content. I’m worried if any problem be caused and my gsuite gets removed.


Why don’t you just use the gsuite account to create team drives for particular purposes. Then all users will be notified about what contents are allowed to be uploaded on the drives.


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Great, but I done this before. Anyways I need solution for this - like web filtering for 18+ contents or viruses etc … I can see some Google results testing those. If someone here knows any info can share.

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i have a question, how you get gsuit for education? please guide?

there r many guides on the forum
search before asking

already searched but didn’t find any guide related to Gsuit for education, only edu mails guides are available

edu email only gives gsuite

edu mail is only an email of gsuit parent organization, it is not gsuit for education admin account. you can’t create team drives on it.

yes its not gsuite admin account but it is gsuite acc u can create teamdrive if organisation allows it
If ur asking how to create gsuite admin acc process is mentioned by google itself
If ur asking how to trick google into getting gsuite admin account for edu
I doubt anyone will make a guide and or tell u how to trick google into getting gsuite admin account
coz gsuite admin and super admin accounts r sold from 100 to 1000s of dollars on ebay and other platforms

you are right, which organizations are give access to create team drive? if you name some
here check it out

i know this, it creates team drive on different educational institutions, but i was asking about gsuit for my own organization

org to org it differs some give this some dont
if ur’s doesnt u cant do anythg