EDU Method | UnTested

I found this in my files and i want to share it with guys

  1. Go to and in the custom generate tab select Chicago Illinois and generate.

  2. Create an email address with the name you got from the generated info (Outlook, Gmail), you can also use temp mail if you want to, but sometimes they may ask to your confirm identity (your choice).

  3. Go to https://applycredit…Z_AD_CRED_AUTH and signup with your email address.

  4. Now choose the first option, then choose fall 2020 and Malcolm X College.

  5. In the name section just enter first and last name leave the other empty, as for the remaining info fill it as you like and use the address you got from fakeaddressgenerator.

  6. Now wait until you receive an email from Administration (usually takes 25-60 minutes)

  7. in the email you got click the password reset option and create your own password.

  8. Go to and login.

  9. Complete the remaining info, in military status choose i have no military service, and fill the other stuff randomly.

  10. For the Preferences fill it in as the following: 8,6,4 Malcolm X College and select all for day and time preferences.

  11. Done! now you can login to your Edu email from the quick access tab by clicking on Microsoft outlook.

Sometimes outlook may give you an error saying that there’s no registered email with that address try to login with US VPN turned on or just wait for a couple of hours and login again and you should be good.


Till when can we use this generated account? I don’t find much of use cause last time it got busted in just 1 month. All data and configuration were taken off.

Actually, can you please tell me what’s the use of this in the long run or anything that makes my efforts and time making it worth.


By This Method, Will I get Unlimited Google Drive ?
I haven’t one. Just want to try if so.

Same. I logged in with The edu email and there’s still only 15gb drive space

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Then I’ll Pass this tutorial
Thanks for the Info

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