๐Ÿ”ฅ [EDU MAIL + RDP] How to get EduMail within 24 Hours ! Hurry Up!

Go to Link - https://www.sfcollege.edu/admissions/index

Click on Apply to SF

Then Click on APPLY

Goto Start New Application

Then Click on United States Citizen

Fill Up all the forms :blush:


1.Use Genuine Gmail Address
2.Use Google Maps for Address (such as Hotel in California)
3.Donโ€™t Use FakeAddress Generator

Proof -


i got the SF ID what is the next step ?

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How to access to email ? can we use it with gmail ?

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i got id everything but did not got the . place to find edu mail.

in which tab it is

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what we have to enter in admission category?It also asks SSN number

I followed all the steps correctly but when i am trying to get office365 login itโ€™s showing wrong username but i am putting my correct SFID for the username can you help?

It worked. I instantly got the admit.
Logging intio the office 365 failed, but I think it takes some time for the account to be created. So no complaints.
What about the RDP. Where is it and how can we access it?
By thw way, Great Job.

same thing happened with me letโ€™s see if it gets created by tomorrow

Account created and login successfully ,
But donโ€™t see the benefits in it.
login to office and see app like outlook and four more apps
nothing usefull . if there is useful in edu id
please explain it.

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What SSN should we put? From fake address generator?

You can just type in any random 9 digit.

i have question what if we get caught?
do we have pay fine or jail :joy: :joy:

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You will go directly without any questions to JAIL.

follow every step and successfully create edu mail but sadly not working in rdp

When do you get access to office365? I completed sign up and got accepted, however login in to office365 is not working.

Edit: I can access now, Thanks.

It takes time

go to fake address gen us and from there you can find social security number (SSN)
, you can copy and paste the same details, worked for me.

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Can anyone please tell me where can I find the edu mail ?
I got the ID and Congratulations! You have been admitted to Santa Fe College! Mail.
Now where can I find my edu mail ??


Dude, read the thread before asking; itโ€™s been asked a thousand times already!

โ€œWorks perfectly. Just follow all steps & fill out everything. There is even a FAQ on the schoolโ€™s website for the email acquisition. Please read it.โ€

how to get rdp though?