Edu-Mail-Generator BOT Python(update script)

how to apply for github pro? It need id

mail is hosted by so yeah office.

thats the problem, they need a photo Id with a valid until date. so Just give them “one” :wink: :nerd_face:.

got email id from MSJC and activated ofice 365 from eagle advisor
and received email id from “City College of San Francisco” (its google id, but gdrive not available)

I dont think these colleges are supported by github for developer pack. I tried with 2 colleges from this list. but no success.

Direct Link:[]

mine failed at captcha ,its not showing , how to fix that , any leads ??

You have to solve the captcha by yourself once the script comes at captcha step. no found

captcha is so hard to slove, verytime I got error when I click verify

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It’s time to sort it out:

Original Post can be found be here: [BOT] [Tested] New Edu Email Creator Bot No captcha or any deep shit of link shortening, also this is a script by AmmeySaini - Edu-Mail-Generator

If Anonfile still hurts? Get that script via GitHub or use this Mega link (Added by me)

@mdjamsad I excused you this time, thanks for dumping the same content we had by someone else, Recommended for you & newbies to read the FAQ very carefully.


Continue the discussion here: [BOT] [Tested] New Edu Email Creator Bot

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