EDU MAIL by BOT for the 100% WORKING Yuba College Method ⚡

This post is in the connection of the previous post which was about how to get edu mail by the Yuba College method.

(If you don’t know about it then follow the link below before reading)
:point_right:[GET] Free EDU Email | New Guide

Although the above method works but still it is tedious and the probability of getting the
mail is not certain you will get the mail only if you are careful which is very possible you may not be.
So what I did is that I took the script of the even older post in which a script was posted using orange coast college method and RESTORED it to comply with the above method though the script was old and would not work any more but it contained very useful functions and module.

I reused all those functions and did some modding and finally got the script working and the result is below :point_down:

I made two accounts out of it and both of them got approved early you can see the timing is quite early.
It works very fine and you just don’t have to do anything except solving the captcha.

It is possible that the script may not work in your machine due to the lack of dependencies so for that I have put everything in a folder along with the get-pip script to install pip and a virtual machine folder
which you can activate from the shell as it contains all the dependencies already.

But still I recommend you to download a fresh chrome and gecko driver file also if you know how to create a virtual environment then definitely you must create your own.

The legacy way of it is :
python3 -m venv env
env is identifier means you can replace it with what ever you want and you may use python instead of
python3, but I recommend python3

I am not going to waste any space and time in typing the instructions because I have already created tutorial video of it :sunglasses: whose link is below :point_down:t5:

Watch the tutorial if you get stuck or don’t know what to do , though the video tells about the older script but the troubleshooting is exactly same.

:beetle: Bugs
I have already sprayed an Anti - Bug spray so no bug as of now ! :100: :metal:t5:

:skull_and_crossbones: But these bugs can come back later
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Very Important Note
:spiral_notepad: Use good quality VPN set to any state of USA (nord,expressVPN,betternet,etc)

:spiral_notepad: The link to the script is in the bottom of the description of the YouTube video provided above.

:spiral_notepad: Don’t click anywhere on the browser screen while the script is working as may interrupt with the data feeding process resulting in a complete failure.

:spiral_notepad: Solve the captcha faster to prevent the try again.

:spiral_notepad: If you are making two accounts make sure they both are not connected
(look at my proof images one is @gmail and the other is @outlook)

:pray:t5: Please don’t misuse the script for making hundred’s of accounts, otherwise the consequences will
be similar as Orange Coast’s. Orange Coast now not provides the edu mail after successful registration
but only after you have registered for classes.

You can satisfy yourself with atmost two accounts , even as for final testing I created only two accounts otherwise I used dummy mails.

:heartpulse: :heartpulse: If you love the amount of effort I have put in RESTORATION of the script, you can support me by doing a kind act of SUBSCRIBING my channel : ubi VLOGS on YouTube, I assure you that you will like my other creations there too.



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where is the download link for the bot

oh very sorry I just forgot to tell that , click the video it is in the video description at the last, the pass word is also provided there.

Getting this on generating SSN
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 45, in
info = accountdetails.getInfo()
File “C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\edu mail fast pc\pages\”, line 101, in getInfo
File “C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\edu mail fast pc\pages\”, line 68, in _generate_ssn
switch_to(self.driver, ‘generate’)
File “C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\edu mail fast pc\pages\”, line 120, in switch_to
opened_tabs = get_tabs_info(driver)
File “C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\edu mail fast pc\pages\”, line 114, in get_tabs_info
dict_tabs_handle[driver.current_url.split(’//’)[1].lower()] = handle
IndexError: list index out of range

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Link in the youtube description.

Well that happens when the pc or the internet is slow tell me if you have 4 GB Ram pc or not because if it is so then I will have to provide a version for it.

The college page in the script still using orangecoastcollege not Yuba. Please update

go to the video and download from the last link password is also given for the file

Download the script provided at the end of the description you are definitely downloading the wrong script , there are two links.

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I have made some modifications to make it works. Here the result

Tried to login with Canva and Office 365, none of them are working.
Looks like doesnt support google drive.

Useless edu email? :smiley:

Link on youtube

I think you have misunderstood it is not Canva but Canvas it’s a place where students interact.

You may have read that you will get the Office 365 access after the notification from college :slightly_smiling_face:

I know the perks are less but worthy you and must also checkout the discounts that you will be privileged with.

when do i get my edu mail

My pc is not slow having 8gb ram and i have previously ran selenium in it

good then it is the internet that is the problem give me a while and I will provide the perfect script, this is a very common problem has happened with me. :smile:

Done ! Go and check at the description the link has been added. In this one you will be asked at every page load that whether the page has loaded or not , what you have to do is just type anything and hit enter in the console.


Worked flawlessly for me. You’re a wizard. Thanks.

I liked the ‘in-script’ comments when running it, it’s good to add a touch of humour to your work.

hi i have recieve the email from college as well but haven’t got my edu mail what should i do please suggest me

If you have other emails except the no-reply and if it has been over 1 hr. this means that you will not get the id and that is most probably because you might be not using a very good VPN but if you are using one then may be someone else before you has used it, it’s possible because so many people use the same VPN.
The site records the IPs and do not respond to the black listed for some hours so you must try again but with different account also if you have already used the current account in the past to get edu mail then also you will not get and one more thing don’t use connected gmail accounts just create a fresh one and use it ,you will then definitely get an edu mail, and don’t run script multiple times otherwise the site may get suspicious about your IP :+1:.

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i tried with expressvpn, fresh install chrome. no luck on the no-reply email

Don’t loose hope that’s normal try with a fresh account may be you have used the account previously for getting the edu mail or it is connected with one, create a fresh account(try @outlook) and then use it you’ll definitely get. :upside_down_face:

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