[EDU Bot] For TCL College | Office 365, Onedrive etc

This bot took me quite a while to get right, so a like would be appreciated!



This automated bot allows the creation of a .edu email for Technical College of the Lowcountry in South Carolina.

The bot was created using Python and Selenium. Credits go to the original creator of ChaBot Bot, it proved to be useful as starting point for the bot. However, it has been compiled so that only google chrome and the corresponding driver is needed. As a result, some AVs picked it up, but it is a false positive.


  1. Google Chrome
  2. USA VPN


  1. Download & Install Google Chrome
  2. Go to chrome://settings/help and note the Chrome Version
  3. Download the Chrome Web Driver from HERE and place in the driver folder.
  4. Execute the .exe and follow all prompts!


None have been detected as of now, please inform if any exist.


  • Manual Email Verification is needed!

  • At the time of creation, the Google Chrome Version 83 Driver is always included, no extra downloads should be required for the majority.

  • Majority of Temporary Emails are blocked to enforce a form of restriction, please don’t spam the bot! Create a few and move on!


This post is provided to help you and for personal use only. Sharing the content of your subscribed materials and the other purchased content is strictly prohibited under 1Hack Terms of Use.

By using this provided material the website 1Hack.us is not responsible for any law infringement caused by the users of this material.

Please don’t leak this bot, let’s keep it on here!


  • Fixed custom address




Thank you, hope this will serve many lazy 1Hackers to automate the boring process.


Wooooooow! Finally, boring stuff ended! :partying_face:


Thank you, leechers atleast hit a like for the OP’s hardwork. :expressionless:


Thanks buddy, good work!


Thank you brother! :slight_smile:

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when is the confirmation coming?


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The email confirmation usually appears within seconds to your inbox. If not just leave it idle and wait a few minutes.

Awesome bro

It says we need to verify transcripts and proof of residence ,
Do we have to provide them after we get the email?
And thanks btw , its obv you worked really hard for this
We appreciate you :heart: thanks for sharing brother

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When does email information arrive?

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Nope, I didn’t submit any more information and still got that email regarding the edu email login. It can just take a few days so sit tight! You’'ll receive multiple emails and eventually the one telling you to setup your email account.

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Thanks man , you are a true genius

Thank you very much buddy, this will surely help many ppl…

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it say :
Generating SSN…
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<C:\Users\Illicita\Desktop\TCL Bot V2\Exe\obf\run.py>”, line 2, in
File “”, line 59, in get_tabs_info
IndexError: list index out of range
[13052] Failed to execute script run


Excellent Work, Thank you.

[0624/022827.114:ERROR:crashpad_client_win.cc(132)] crash server failed to launch, self-terminating

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the same here

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Excellent contribution, thank you very much for this great contribution and excellent tool.

excellent work

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