EDU Account/Google Drive Backup Question that many asks.

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I bought an EDU email to someone and I backed up all my files in my computer to google drive. I shared the folder in google drive to my personal Gmail account. My question is, if the EDU mail got busted will I still have access to my files since I shared the folder to my personal gmail?

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I have the same question. :bowing_man:‍♂

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bought ? for how much ??

Administrator of EDU Mail can delete Your files anytime there is no guarantee the files will be always there. u might get warning to take backup of files but thats also not for sure.
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Yes, you will still have access to the files even after the account gets disabled. But I’m not sure how long does that works.


Are you sure ? coz while registering edu mail college website and even google says Administrator have rights to delete Gdrive for inactive students or who they seems to have suspicious activity

@Deep90s: Yes, I’m sure. It works. It’s just that I’m not sure whats the validity of this. I know they delete the files but only after a certain period. You still have a few weeks or months before they delete the files.

@Sam_Lopez: Does he have more in stock? I also need to buy one. I can pay a little extra too.

I will ask him but let’s not get our hopes up. Anyway, message me mayber after 3 days and I will let you know.

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