Easy Steps To Learn & Improve English Without Actively Learning

Since most people on here probably didn’t grow up in a native english speaking environment, I want to share my tips with you on how you can easily passively improve your english skills!

Please keep in mind that this is only for IMPROVING on already existing skills and won’t make you a pro anytime soon!

Does this work with other languages too? Probably, but you need a foundation of existing skills.

1.) Set all your devices (computer, phone, console, tablet, etc.) to english in their system settings. You already know how to use them anyway so you will keep doing the same stuff you’re already doing while subconsciously learning english by reading english words all day. You might be asking yourself “well but what if there’s an error message that I don’t understand”… what do you usually do with error messages that you don’t understand in your own language? You google them, right? Right, so now you’re doing the exact same while also learning the english words within them!

2.) Consume english / american media. You’re probably doing that already by watching youtubers, but let’s take it a step further. Try to watch english movies without any caption, listen to english music and try to memorize and/or sing along the lyrics and play games in english. If you don’t understand something, don’t pause the movie, keep watching and try to use the context to understand.

3.) Talk and chat with natives. This one is quite obvious, but most people do not use it. Sure you can learn english through media, but there’s one thing that media won’t teach you: slang. Slang is suuuper important if you want to sound natural, natives will instantly be able to tell that you’re not native if you speak or chat in school book english!

Happy learning!


I like to watch “Arthur” (that tv series for kids) :sweat_smile: Since I have had a child, I have had a good explanation to watch it :joy:

Hi @TheStrength
Thank you, anyway here there more things to do to improove the learning of a language.
1- look at internet for audiobooks
2- Look for news paper and try to read.
3- You can go to Youtube and try to look for videos (in the language that you want or are trying to learn) that has subtitles and transcription, see it in the original language, later thanslate it to your language after this you can see it without the titles, subs etc, and you can also try to say same words that you hear in the video.
4- There is at internet some sites that you can use to learn like forvo pronunciation, reverso context, try youglish and others, also you can use hellotalk in your smartfone.

This are only a few things that you can do to improove, and also the ideias that @TheStrength wrote are very importante too, do a research in The Natural Learning, and look for Stephen D. Krashen books.

I hope that you guys can use my ideias also, remember all I’m Brasilian and I speaks english spanish and theses days I’m learnning Italian using the Natural process.