Easliy Edit any Webpage and Save It in a Single File [Withot Losing Formatting]

I have been using this for a while, earlier I found a lot of pages & resources online that I found useful but to keep it in well sorted in my HDD, I had to save the whole webpage so I could access it even when offline, but it made a whole mess of double folders and files.

Then I found an amazing way to not only save the complete pages in 1 single file but also edit the crappy stuff out of the page, and keep only the stuff I wanted. And keep the formatting too, so it didn’t look like a pile of trash text. Extension: (Don’t worry, these are Editor Recommended extensions and are very safe to use)

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

How to use:
Press the icon in the address bar.
Click on the “Web Style” in the top middle to keep the formatting.
And remove and arrange and edit any elements you want to keep.
Then just click on Save (as MHTML). Done!!!
If you want to save as PDF, then click on Preview and then Save it as PDF.

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