Earning money with spotify and youtube question?

My niece has a pretty good singing voice and has recorded some covers. Can we earn money on Youtube and Spotify with these or do they have to be original songs to earn money off of them?

If she can earn off them anybody have any tips? I am planning on getting promotion of Fiverr for them. Anything else I should do?


Covers are different, however, uploading them on Spotify may cause issues with ownership of property rights, mainly because Spotify acts more like a publishing house, so there are specific terms that are state here.

Youtube work on a different set of rules, where everything that is uploaded onto their platform is pretty much public domain until stated otherwise with use of a watermark or a copyright notice being shown in the video, although infringements are strongly enforced, a cover of a popular song requires the content creator to at least name the song and original artist. So as long as you are not selling the music, in any form, without written consent to the original artists (unless it’s public domain songs). Original music and merch are allowed to be sold.

Earning money off of these platforms is another story altogether. What I’ve gathered is that a collective effort of multiple social platforms (Instagram, tic tok, Twitter) pointing to a youtube page and somewhere down in the description is a complete list of the actual songs from the original artists you covered. You could have people following your list, and you could make money off of being a curator while gaining views, subscribers, and likes on youtube. All those details I’m sure you’ll find here someplace. :wink:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Update on this, there’s a way to play copyrighted music by slowing the playback speed slightly.
A quick method using Youtube is to have a separate window open and making sure the music you want to play is at 0.75. Alternatively, you could use your own music library, play it on VLC and alter the playback speed slower to where it’s barely noticeable. The AI on music detection bots won’t recognize the BPMs of the song and not flag it. Worst case; they send a cease and desist notice and ask to take the video down. The first warning will not close your youtube account. Good luck!