Earn up to $2000 a month using this AdSense Method

I just found a way to trick Google AdSense and made some good cash using Google’s AdSense Program.

For adsense approval please check this below thread

You are now asking,

“How’s that possible?

You can’t trick Google… right?”

That’s possible, and you can trick Google AdSense! I am Dan, and this article is about

“How to trick Google AdSense!”


  1. Google AdSense Account
  2. Some domain names
  3. Hosting
  4. WordPress
  5. Autopilot
  6. Facebook account
  7. An empty card that you can use
  8. DigitalOcean Account

(This is not really a method for newbies because you need to have some skill to create accounts and to build up one/more wordpress websites)

#1 AdSense account

Yes, for this method you will need a Google AdSense account (Older is ALWAYS Better) or if you don’t have one you can create it HERE.

#2 Some domain names
Yes you will need some domain names and not any domain names but some Online News based domain names (like hitnewsread.tld newscom.tld etc) because we will autograb news, we will post them on facebook.

Q: How can i autograb news?

A: We shared our autograb wordpress plugin below for free!

#3 Hosting
You will need to find a hosting where your websites will stay for a long long time because this method is a long-term method if you follow the steps! So, find a company with good and stable hosting solutions (Linux based hosting is better).

#4 WordPress
Install wordpress on your domains, pick a free news theme (We use HitMag theme) and continue by installing our auto news grabber below.

#5 Autopilot

Autopilot is a premium wordpress plugin that will create auto news grab campaigns. (The content of another news site will be posted automaticaly to your news website – rss fetch).

Download our autopilot HERE <<< if the website is down, try again after a couple of hours! :slightly_frowning_face:

or Google it

rss autopilot null

#6 Facebook account
You will have to join politics and news based groups on facebook, places where you will post your news (This is the traffic method).

Yes we will need real traffic (social traffic is the best choice) so that we can cover our self-generated click on ads.

#7 An empty card
For this method you will need an empty card to enter when you will create the DigitalOcean account. Don’t worry you won’t be charged because using my refferal link you will get 100$ to use in one month for FREE. (If you register using the link without refferal code you won’t get 100$ for one month and you will have to pay for DO’s services).

After the FREE Credit you will close your Account and Create Another (using the refferal link) so you can get another FREE 100$ for another month.

#8 DigitalOcean Cloud Account
Get your DigitalOcean Account with 100$ FREE credit for one month HERE


After you build up your online news websites, added them in the Google AdSense program and got some social traffic, you have to create 10 droplets (VPS) in 10 different locations on DigitalOceam Cloud.

For the droplets creation use: Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64

Login to ssh using a software like PuTTy, and paste this command in the command line:

apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies gnome-icon-theme tightvncserver iceweasel

This will install VNC Server and Firefox browser to your VPS.

After the installation, you will have to start and set a password for your VNC Server using:


Access your VPS using a VNC client (I use TightVNC for windows), open Firefox, insert your website(s) url in the browser, wait like 1-2 minutes, and then click your Google AdSense ads that you will find on your websites ONCE!

Click just ONE ad from ONE VPS to don’t get banned.

That’s it, it’s simple!

Don’t hesitate, just to give a try! :upside_down_face:


Great bro
Money pipelines for ever

Does this method work??

Thanks for Sharing!!:100::ok_hand:

Google Adsense only shows ads on the approved domain.
So to get approval, it will be required unique content on your website.
You don’t mention this step bro. How do you get your ads to show on your website without getting approval from Google Adsense Team?


Updated!! Check post again! :slight_smile:


if we use auto grabber plugin. how can we approve adsense on this site without getting copyright issuesss???

WAITING for your reply.


can you do a video ? i understand all what u wrote but this will take min of 2 days of work
if you didnt have some problems


which empty card??
I tried many even my own cards.
they don’t work.
I don’t have credit card so is there any way around to use cloud ocean? or you can refer any other website with same refferal.

bro best way is that creat a video.eveyone has too many questionss…


Sir , how much investment is required ? i’d like to know

can u make some tuto!!!

Autopilot cant download plz update

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I can Show Ads in Unlimited New Domain Names without Waiting Google Adsense to Approve it
a condtion;
you have an Existant Google Adsense Account

how to do that ? and isn’t against adsense policy ?

10 VPS and 1click/VPS ? How can you earn 2000$/month :joy: noway


Don’t you get it?.. with all referral codes and the loads of paid links he is sharing with leaving us all in a foggy situation with no clear bath to the said thing…, the guy is trying to sell you something!


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