Earn Through Youtube | 2020 Method 💯

hello folks,

I just found this method somewhere, so I thought i must share and it can be useful as many peoples taking advantage from it.

Please read this before you continue: It can either work very well for you or it won’t work at all. Just follow my instructions and it should go well. Yes, there are hundreds of youtube channels that are doing this but it won’t get saturated.

The idea is to create videos like this one:


You can create such videos just using a free bot which will do most of the work for you. It can be a bit hard at the beginning to setup it but if you got this then 95% of the work will be autopilot.

The bot can be found here:



Just read everything, google how to setup something like this and then start doing this. After you got everything setted up - this tips/infos will help you to get views:

You can earn through:

  • YouTube (Adsense)
  • Do product placements (of course if your channel have many views)
  • Affiliate-Marketing

enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the way you showed.
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But how do you use this

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Did anyone able to build bot out of this and working now?