Earn Passive Money | Neat & Clean Method

This method requires you to do like maximum 10min of work per day once you get started.

Right so today we will be using the site Simplebits.io I guess you could say it’s a browser mining game.

Anyways, their site offers free money for just playing on their website and all you have to do once you are a high level is click a few buttons per day.

They have a tutorial on their site so you can pretty much follow that to get a feel for the game and how it works.

Now this isn’t a method that will work in a couple of days, this will take you like a month before you can start seeing some gains, however it isn’t really hard to click a few buttons per day for a month now is it

Now for some tips while using this method.

Focus on one block only. Splitting into multiple blocks will give you less money unless you are like level 2000.

In Mining - Stats I would recommend putting every point you have into Energy as it allows you to level up faster to get actual money.

Now if you have left over points put them into SHA256,Ethash or Scrypt. Whichever you choose its the best.

You should also put points into Luck once in a while as it allows you to gain even more money.

Now if you want to be cool and stuff you can do Offerwalls for either hardware ( extra money) or buy Energy Boosters with them.

For offer walls I’d suggest doing the Loot.tv one as you can just have it on in the background and it will make you free tokens.

httpssimplebits.io (nonref)

Happy learning!