Earn Money Per Month By Selling Giftcards

This method will easily get you some dollars every month. It’s not good for a full time income but it’s nice side money.

  1. Obtain steam gift cards of high value(50-100$). You can use some of the steam gift card generators, or use refunding g2a.
  2. Go to https://paxful.com/ and register there for a free account. You will need your id, but it’s done automatically and you don’t need an address verification in order to buy bitcoins.
  3. Once you are registered and verified, go here
  4. Enter the amount of giftcards you have and find a seller with the best rate.
  5. Start a trade, if he asks you for a receipt, just go to your email and screenshot the receipt you got from g2a
  6. Make sure you selected a seller with high reputation otherwise he might scam you
  7. Sell your giftcards for bitcoins.

That’s it. The whole process is super easy once you get a hang of it. You can even later sell those bitcoins directly on paxful for a higher price or exchange them here on nulled for flat currencies.



where to find steam gift card generator or how to refund from g2a?

it’a quite old method and risky as well

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better if you guide

Friendly Websites

ettvdl.com https://crackingpatching.com/ https://prostylex.org/ https://haxnode.com/ freecoursesonline.me ftuapps.dev