Earn good amount of Money as side income using this eBay Method | You will love it!

This method involves getting giveaway programs here at 1Hack, making them look beautiful and selling them on eBay for 100% profit. :money_with_wings:

I will tell you why people will buy it!

If you are a regular 1Hacker, then you already know how much premium giveaways you’ve got. while just roaming here & there! :partying_face:

Its the game of timing, when premium stuff goes free & you are from that 1% of the lucky people who got those stuff under possession when everyone ignored or didn’t know about the offer! That’s it. :dancer: :dancing_women:

  • Sell-sell-sell! Most people will buy it from you because I had a couple of listing made me $50 last week, & after that, it went down, but I made $50.

Incase your listing goes down anytime, just rinse & repeat!

  • Make new account or purchase eBay stealth account from many forums, please don’t ask me from where.

Let’s start!

All you need is to get your hands on all the possible bigger names companies giveaways apps from here, 1Hack’s giveaway category, also target only those companies which you know, are up for a very limited time & you hardly saw them giving away their product for free. :smirk:

Once you have every big-name giveaway app under your custody! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

This is the time where you go on eBay & package it all up nicely, all those license keys, program codes, etc. that you’ve got by just following 1Hack’s giveaway section, all those giveaways will now pay you back & are ready for your customers to use. :smiley:

  • Just wait for the original product company to close its doors for further free giveaways to any visitor! :shushing_face:

So here you come with all those premium giveaway’s license keys, codes, credential-based programs in your pocket already as ready to sell items on eBay! :sunglasses:

TIP: I recommend you to go for applications such as anti-viruses or any kind of media-related program/tools… etc., as they are in high demand right now & sells for a more massive amount of money than other programs. :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:

  • These programs are even better if they require an activation key as they look more legit, :upside_down_face:

Just pack it all up nicely for your customers to use, like it was made for them, make good templates and all that shitt that will excite your customer more before buying, which will make them hard to resist to buy it from you because they look legit & are legit at the end!

You, then want to head over to eBay and make a listing, make sure your listing has lovely photos as I said above, use kind of theme selling template just for the sake to attract more buyers & then you can list it up for the lowest price, you can sell these for 10-20$.

You can scale this up to make thousands a month by having lots of listings for different cracked programs.

  • For giveaways which are only 2/3 or 6 months of license only, just give your customer 2 or 3 accounts instead, so it would make in total a year or so! Don’t worry we have all plans ready! :joy:

Also, don’t let me teach you how to get multiple giveaways for a single product, I hope you heard about temporary email, fake name address generators… VPNs, etc. :expressionless:

For tutorials & guide use YouTube, how to make listing on eBay…? etc, Here I have only shown you the method not the actual whole process to get done! Ca’mon! :man_facepalming: