Earn crypto currency by mining in pc,lap,mobile.10000% working

step1: Download the crypto tab browser

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step2: there will be an option to mine.it It will start mining
this will make CPU usage you can adjust based on your system configuration.

step3: your bitcoin will be generated.

it will look like this:

you can transfer it to the wallet and get the money by selling it.

I use local bitcoin for wallet and for selling on it.

proof for payment


does mining on a laptop or mobile damage my mobile? or laptop?

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based on mining mode you use. it will take more cpu usage on high.


It can damage your devices, yes, a few things it may cause are:

  • overheating
  • battery damage
  • lower performance
  • lower life of your cpu

If the app aggressively mines in your device it could cause those even faster.

Not to mention its not worth to mine BTC without proper hardware


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