Earn $50+ A Day Passively Through YouTube

Thought I would share this classic YouTube method with you guys. Some of you may already know my first “real business” was in the music field, so I wanted to go back to my roots and share a foolproof strategy for beginners to make completely passive income on YouTube. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t need any musical talent to make this method work and the scaling potential is infinite. I haven’t done this in awhile, but after recently searching for unreleased music by a particular artist I was able to confirm that people are still profiting from it.


Did you know that you can publish music from the top current music artists without getting copyright flagged? Not only that, but you can receive an almost-instant influx of free traffic after doing so. It’s a lot more simple

Then you may think.

Step 1: Type in any artist name in YouTube + “unreleased”.

Step 2: Use a YouTube-to-MP3 website to download every track.

Step 3: Re-upload the song under a different name while still including the “unreleased” tag.

Step 4 (optional): Load the video up with a few k fake views.

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Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 over and over again and profit.

Because the songs aren’t released under the record label, you can upload these for fair-rights use and collect as many AdSense tendies your heart desires. I’ll take one of the biggest rappers in the industry, NAV, and use him as an example. Notice that the two songs below are the exact same, but under a different name.



Could you make an example, please?

Please can you illustrate this more because I don’t understand the method and where the money will come from

ithink you now sell views on social media