Earn $20 per day | xhatsamurai full guide

This is the latest method I have updated. If you want to see more (Full Image + Step by Step).

DEMO: Use 2 website: Srv11.net | Base69.net Step by Step, i wrote clearly before. Reply & Thanks for view it

Today, I want to give you a very good way to make money online. My method is not the same as others (Do not automatically, do nothing, self-money?). Impossible !!

My method requires real effort, and effort . I don’t guarantee how much you earn, because that’s up to your ability, I only guarantee if you persistently do it every day. You will earn $ 500 - $ 600/per month

First you need a small amount of money, to make a bigger amount of money. And the amount you need is: 70 - 100$ in (Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, WMZ, Litecoin, Eth, Bitcoin Cash)

This money will use the investment in software, you will not lose it, you invest in the work to make more money. Perhaps you are wondering about what job? The answer is: Cracking Account - Selling Account

- Where can i Cracking Account ? [Answer: Srv11.Net]

  • Where can i Sell Account Cracked ? [Answer: Base69.Net]
  • How i get my money ? [Answer: Base69 pay for you via BTC, LTC, PM, ETH]
  • Tip & Trick ? [Answer: I will write it in the end of post]

This is a detailed guide and the latest new image + proof:

Step 1: - Go to service Srv11.Net [Click Here] and Open new account (It’s Free) . Now you spend your money for upgrade your account [Upgrade Here], u should upgrade plan G30 = Gold - 30 days . It good for your start

**** I need to explain a bit to you about Srv11.Net service. This is a specialized service that provides Account Checker (Web tools), very good, beautiful interface, support multi-threaded running, admin support and fix errors very fast and enthusiastic.***

- This picture, i choose Bitcoin Payment. I require it too. Automatic, and fast, safe


- When your account is successfully upgraded, you can start accessing the checker, and start cracking.

- I will suggest you some websites that can cracking, and easily sell: Dating Site [There are many websites, but currently there are prominent and easy names: Pof.Com, Flirt.Com, Adultfriendfinder.Com, Okcupid.Com, Xdating.Com.vvv], Webmail (Roadrunner.Com, 1und1.De, .vv), Etsy.Com, Ups.Com, Zulily.Com

Step 2: - I choose POF.Com Checker. This is List Checker, you can explore for yourseft
[List Checker Here]

- I choose POF.Com Checker


- Style like that


Step 3: - You need to load Resource, and Protocol for checking

- Resource: It’s combo email|pass. You can’t find it on Google, you need join forum, community cracking for get combo email|pass
- Protocol: There are Sock5, Proxy, SSH. You can find Sock5, Proxy on Google for free, but almost is DIE, and blacklist ip. You should buy it for better than. SSH u need to have contact seller for buy too

Step 4: - Load Resource, Load Protocol and Start Check like that


- Result here


Step 5: - When you have Live Result , now you need to join Base69.Net [Click Here], open new account, and let buy Tag Seller 50$ fee

**** I need to explain a bit to you about Base69.Net. It’s like eBay, you need buy to Tag Seller for first time (life-time), after that you can list your result on Base69.Net for sale***

Step 6: - Explore Base69.Net for List Account

Done ! - Below is my proof

  • That’s all money i earned



Tip & Trick

- Use VPS for Faster, and Stable when you use Srv11 Checker

The last word I want to talk about is reading:
- If you are looking for a stable, and real way to make money on the internet, this is 100% true. Especially newbie, forget about the illusion like (passive income, nothing to do, autopilot money, etc.). To live us “need to breathe”, so why do you think to have money without doing anything?

  • My article shows that up to 70% is fully basic for beginners, you need to invest more time to learn more, there are many good things and help you make more money, Chat with admin srv11.net to be able to support the fastest

Credits: xhatsamurai


@SaM is the process authentic? like you or someone else from this group try it? Because when there is Crypto involvement in any process then there is a huge risk of losing money [this is what I think]…