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anyone understand this dogetrix? I already create account using the referral link but I don’t know what to do next. I’m newbb


Please explain a little more about the process.


more information please

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Excellent je j’essaie depuis quelque heures et le concept et vraiment pas mal a voir pour le paiement

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lol been there done that


Can you explain a little for us Uninformed folks about this method


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Does this really work?

don’t know bro i am trying every hour

Will take some spending on you to hopefully wins on this deal if it say free i’m not spending but we all know only thing free in life is free air


Money Making Opportunities are Not Free i haven’t found a free good one yet

De nouvelle info?

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Even air isn’t free :joy: There are many places where you must pay a climate fee. (Sorry for offtop :grinning:)

As for this another ‘great’ method, I haven’t tried but I suppose it’s just getting referrals.


it dont cost nothing to breathe the free air in this atmosphere where you from Mars ?

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