Earn 100$ By Reselling Replicas

Easy method, does not require any skill but requires some investment to buy the replicas

  1. Go and buy 1:1 iphone 13 pro max replica ( when i say 1:1 i mean literally 1:1 no differences ) . its hard to find on the open market since they are prohibited, i have some sellers but cant expose them here (sorry guys) ( dm me ill give a supplier contact)

  2. Set up an instagram account / facebook and start growing it, buy some followers if you want

  3. Start advertising your replica, not as original but as a replica since i dont recommend scamming poor people.

  4. Many people dont care buying the phone since its 1:1 like original

  5. you can make 400-500$ per sale, so if you sell 2-3 phones per day, easy 800-1500$

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how much is the wholesale price of iPhones replica bout?