Earn $100+ A Day Online

Before I show this method I’ll be honest with you:

-Yes, this method involves playing online Roulette.

-Yes, gambling is always risky. (This strategy however keeps the risk to a minimum if you follow my exact instructions since this strategy is backed by math formulas.)

-Yes, you’ll need a small upfront investment, so only use money that you can afford to lose.

Now that being said, I came across this unique system online back in the day after many failed and desperate attempts to make money online (including Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, eBay, day trading, etc…) and it was the first time I was able to truly make money (I tried many different other gambling strategies before as well and this one was the only one that actually worked for me.)

Here are some pictures and videos I took of some of my profits every day as proof:

I am German so here are some translations of the most important words in the pictures you are about to see:

(Gewinn=Profit from the current session; Gewinne=Wins from the current session; Verluste=Losses from the current session)

Note: You will notice in the pictures that I have more losses than wins in my stats during my roulette sessions and still manage to make huge profits without losing my money. Don’t be confused, I will explain to you how and why this is possible with this strategy in the tutorial below. So stay excited

Proof pictures and videos: https://mega.nz/fold…6D8cFYSetoGhUbg

Now, here is the beginner-friendly step-by-step Method:

Step 1: Register on this online casino site

I strongly recommend the Stake online casino ref link.

I used it back then and it is still one of the most famous, used, and reliable online casinos in the world. It is the best because you can gamble, deposit, and withdraw money in Cryptocurrencies (I recommend Dogecoin and Litecoin because they have the cheapest transaction fees and the transactions are also the fastest. Also, they have a level structure where you get monthly crypto bonuses and prizes. Your level rises the more you win. (With my method this should be quite easy. In the pictures I provided you can see how I was leveled up to bronze level after 2 days of me using the method.)

If you don’t want to support me through my affiliate link above that is alright as well (here is the non-ref link), although I would really appreciate it since this post took a lot of time to write. (It won’t cost you anything btw)

Step 2: Deposit some crypto

You can eighter buy Crypto directly on the Casino website or deposit it from an external wallet. If you want to purchase some crypto with PayPal, buy a crypto-voucher gift card from any gift card website and redeem the code on https://cryptovoucher.io/. Then send the crypto to the deposit address you’ll find in your Casino Wallet in the section “Deposit”. How much you deposit is up to you but if you want to minimize your risk as much as possible I would recommend the following amounts which were calculated mathematically:

Safety Ratio

Certainty of success:

Good: Starting amount €64 (You can double up 6x in a row)

Very Good: Starting amount €128 (You can double up 7x in a row) - I started with that much

Great: Starting amount €256 (You can double up 8x in a row) - Recommended by Creator

Absolute Certainty: Starting amount €512 (You can double up 9 times in a row) - The maximum you can double up in french roulette is 9 times so this is the absolute safest option for my method.

Step 3: Start a Roulette game

Go to the “Stake Originals” games and select Roulette. When you see the roulette interface click on the gear icon below the game interface so you can configure the settings. Turn off “animations” and turn on “instant bet”. Time is money and configuring those settings is very important since you can do this method a lot faster and earn so much more money.

Step 4: The Strategy

  • For this strategy to work most effectively, every bet we place should be €1.
  • We’ll only bet on the colors red and black, not the numbers.
  • We must follow this precise sequence on repeat which cannot be reverse-followed:
    • 1)Red 2)Black 3)Red 4)Red 5)Black 6)Black 7)Repeat in that order and never fall out of this exact sequence while playing in an active session
  • Every time we lose we’ll double up which means: Every time we lose, we’ll double our next bet until we win again, after which we go down to our initial betting amount of €1. While doing that remember to follow the exact sequence in the process.
    • Don’t worry if you have heard bad things about the classic double-up in gambling. Most people who use it don’t do it in combination with the exact sequence, betting amounts, and starting amounts I provided in this method. The double-up after every bet has a bad reputation in the gambling community because most people who use it lose all of their money instantly because they don’t use any strategy in combination with it, which is just very stupid.
    • In the pictures above you can see that during every session I have more losses than wins since I sometimes get a few losses in a row where I have to double my next bet every time. But thanks to that precise method in combination with the double up I still come out with a lot of profit every time I play which you can see on the steadily rising curve in the pictures. That is because thanks to that method (exact sequence, betting amount, and starting amounts) I always manage to make the money back after doubling up a few times.

Very useful advice:

I really wish I knew this when I started: PLEASE use a list to track where you currently are in the sequence. After a few hours of playing continuously, you might get tired which is why your memory and ability to focus might not be as good as when you started. Trust me, you must always get the sequence right, especially if you lost a few times in a row and also had to double up a few times because of it. If you get lost in the sequence at such a moment, you really have a problem since the sequence is necessary to get you out of such a losing streak as quickly as possible before you lose all of your money during the doubling-up process. Don’t even risk it and keep track!

Again, please only use money that you are prepared to lose.

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Again it is totally ok if you don’t (in that case just use the non-ref link)

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day and remember to gamble responsibly!


Hi thank you that you sharing this system. I have a question, if it come 0 (zero) on triple bet or more, how to continue?

Bullshit. I lose at the end

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