Earn $10 Per Hour Nonstop

  1. Clear all cookies from the web browser
  2. Get a HQ USA proxy ( you can find some on internet for free).
  3. Using the USA proxy go to swagbucks.com
  4. Sign up there - use outlook or any other known email provider
  5. Verify your phone number - use sms verification services like smspva
    Now we start the work
  6. Go to MagicReceipt section of swagbucks. There locate the products that award you the most.
  7. Using receipt generator like expenses receipt, create the receipt with the products you choose.
  8. Submit the receipt and watch the magic happen.
  9. Once you’re awarded with points, redeem them for any giftcard you want.
    *Use commom sense and don’t go crazy. Don’t be greedy because they can more often than not detect fake receipt and ban you.

This is pretty simple job that can award you with lots of money for very minimum work.


Just cool wish it is this easy