Earn $ 1 To $ 50 Per Day On Full Liability ✅

Hello, today I will tell you how to make money on full liability if you have accounts in social networks from $ 1 to $ 50 without investments.

Now remember you cant just hit the button and let someone do your work. Little sweat must be shed. But once its set up you can just sit back and relax where you earning passively from the actions you’ve done.


Promoera is a fully automated, modern and powerful social promotion platform, social media activity exchange network, analysis and evaluation system, traffic generator.
Go to the site and register.

You can use my referral for bonus. If not, i can understand. Go to the site and register its very simple. — https://prom oera.com/ref/vega + 0.50 $ after registration (copy and paste the ref link in the URL and remove the space which was added intentionally)

No ref - we do not receive a bonus

The essence of the service is that you lease your social media account, the robot performs simple tasks (Subscriptions, likes, views) for which you are charged for 1 task completed by the bot, you pay from 0.0005 to 0.0010. An unlimited number of tasks per day the bot can execute from one account. The number of adding an account is UNLIMITED. As long as Instagram and VK are available, Telegram and Facebook will be added in the future

So, now I will tell you about registration and
configuration on this site:

  1. Register on this site
  • Enter your nickname, mail and password and the reg is ready.
  1. Go to “Home” - "start making money in the dashboard section
  • Next, select the social network in which we have an account, write a username and password

  • and wait for the bot to send you an SMS by mail, after which we enter it on the site and confirm the “suspicious entry into your account” (this is not always necessary if you have an unprotected account can ride without it)

  • At the exit we get a ready account for making money …

We carry out this procedure with all the accounts that you have, and everything is ready to earn money, then the only thing remaining is to fix the profit =)
There is also a good referral program on the service

The withdrawal is available (for now) to two wallets - Payeer and perfectmoney

The more accounts, the more profit.
All profits.

Thats it. As simple as it sounds. I will let you in the inside info of the works and the mental math which should be running in your head.

the math goes like : 1 account per day makes 6 cycles of 12 actions = 72 actions per day with
1 acc. 1 action = 0.0005 $ 72 * 0.0005 = 0.036 $ per day with 1
account We make 1000 accounts, we get 36 $ per day.

you may ask “How to add many accounts without a proxy? As I understand it, the use of a proxy is not provided. And what kind of earnings are there if they give 1 cent for 20 completed tasks?”
Answer - the proxy and limits are made by the bot itself, you do not need to worry that the account will fly to the ban - this is excluded.

Happy learning!


Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:


So I need to open 1000 instagram accounts??

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Well, I guess making 1000 Instagram accounts to make $1000 a month, all that work is the least one could do to make something from nothing.

However, If you could have a bot to create 1000 Instagram accounts using one account, that’ll be ideal, considering you can create multiple accounts under one business account, but I do not know it’s limitations.

If one could do that, imagine creating ANOTHER master account, using ANOTHER Promoera account, using your own ref code by this point :wink: and repeat. Imagine making $5000 a month with 5000 Instagram accounts!

IDK, I haven’t tried, but sounds like a pretty cool experiment!


there are python scripts on github for creating instagram accounts in bulk

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yes if you want to Earn doing nothing

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cool ,need to try this and find bulk instagram account?? service or bot

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I used one but it didn’t work i think its my prob because i created 2 accounts manually and after that
when i was creating 3rd account it said “unusual login activity” or something then u need to enter number


So are you saying it would worked if you used a bot to create the accounts instead?


The sky’s the limit, where anything is possible!


do you know any good bots for this?


I’m sure one will be out soon! It’s only a matter of time before we can automate profits and live the good life.


The website is giving me whitelabel error. What does means?


Hey guys. Interesting topic.
Is here anyone with results?
Appreciate the honesty : )

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i found bots but it didn’t worked i think the problem is with the proxies i was using
if u need the bot DM me

Same problem here. The bots works fine only with private proxies.


Please may you share the bot?


BOT For Instagram Accounts : https://www.mediafire.com/file/1z8n161i7uyz4vg/Instafire_-_crackedby-sada.rar/file


Thanks for the share!


can you help with proxy stuff ??? so we can also create it without any promblem

advance thnxxxx