EA Releases Source Code and 4K Remasters For Two 'Command and Conquer' Games

EA Games has just released The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection on Steam, described by Hot Hardware as two of the '90s-era real-time strategy games that “were incredibly popular in their day and are still popular with retro gamers today…”

“Gamers can change between legacy and remastered 4K graphics in real-time when playing solo mode,” they note, adding that “deep support for mods via the Steam Workshop is baked in.”

But UnknownSoldier (Slashdot user #67,820) also writes EA has released the source code for two of their classic real-time strategy games in the Command and Conquer series: CnC: Red Alert and CnC: Tiberian Dawn on GitHub. Interesting trivia:

  • Source code is around 5 MB.

  • There are no art of sound assets.

  • Filenames are all in capitals. This makes it easy to tell what was added for the Remaster.

  • The path finding is NOT using the usual A* algorithm but the “Crash and Turn” algorithm.

  • Searching the source for PETROGLYPH_EXAMPLE_MOD shows an example of how to add a mod.
    And 25 years after the release of Tiberian Dawn , the remastering team even tracked down the original voice for its in-game computer system EVA – to create new high-definition recordings.

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