DuckDuckGo Search Queries Grew 47% in 2021

“The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo continues to grow rapidly, with the company now averaging over 100 million daily search queries and growing by almost 47% in 2021…” reports BleepingComputer:

In 2020, DuckDuckGo received 23.6 billion total search queries and achieved a daily average of 79 million search queries by the end of December.

In 2021, DuckDuckGo received 34.6 billion total search queries so far and currently has an average of 100 million search queries per day, showing a 46.4% growth for the year.

While DuckDuckGo’s growth is considerable, it still only has 2.53% of the total market share, with Yahoo at 3.3%, Bing at 6.43%, and Google holding a dominant share of 87.33% of search engine traffic in the USA. However, as people continue to become frustrated with how their data is being used by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, we will likely see more people switch to privacy-focused search engines.
This year DuckDuckGo also released their own email forwarding service, and announced work on the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Desktop — which will be built from scratch and not be based on Chromium.


I switched to DuckDuckGo about a year ago and have been pretty happy with it. My one major complaint is that it’s localisation sucks. Even though I have the location set to Ireland most of the results are very US-centric. This is something they should really focus on if they want to progress. It would be good to see them gain popularity and reduce the amount of data hoarding by Big Tech.

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