Doxing & Anti-Doxing | Easily Dox And Avoid Being Doxed

Doxing Method

You will need the following things first before you use this method:

  • A last name or first and last name
  • A general location.

Social engineer and ask a few questions if you can, to figure out the name, age and general location of someone you are doxing. Ask the person if they are a registered voter also. If they are a registered voter, you can go to and look them up. In 19 states, voter registration data is publicly searchable record. You can look up people’s voter information if they are a registered voter in these states to get their personal information. Even if the information is not current, it will give you some good information and also show you other people who are connected to that person.

If the person is in a state that is not included, you will probably have to look up the voter lookup sites from their state. You will need a VPN that will protect you from IPV6 leaks like NordVPN or PrivateInternetAccess that also doesn’t log. No IPVanish, HideMyAss, ExpressVPN, Cyberghost.

Once you have their name, date of birth and zip code or county, you can look up their information through that. Each state, county and city is different. Their sites for voter lookup may also be different, asking for different things, in order to access the site including driver’s license/ID number, house number, county, zip code, date of birth or some variation/combination of all. I don’t know how you can find such sites but a simple google search like “oregon voter lookup” or “texas voter lookup” may help you find it. Since those are government sites, it is illegal to access if you are not the person. Which is why you need a good VPN. Some of these sites may block you from access if they detect a VPN but it is unlikely.

If a person is not 18+ and is not a registered voter, you will have to try to get their parents/guardians names for doxing. Since they would be staying with their parents or guardians, you could dox the parents and it would be the same as doxing them.

Through, you can get birthdates.
Through, you can get current information.
SearchPeopleFree and True People Search will provide all previous addresses and the general date of birth information (birth month and year). That’s pretty much it for doxing.

Extra Notes:

  • You can paste their dox and archive it with
  • You can paste their dox and archive it with

Anti-Doxing Method

You will need to make a fake dox on yourself. If you have an alias, make the dox title your alias and then post the fake dox. React to the fake dox like you have just really been doxed. People will believe that the dox is real. This will keep people, mostly script kiddies, from doxing you in the future as most people are lazy and don’t want to go through the extra work if they don’t have to.

You can generate a fake identity from these websites:

You can use this website, to generate a fake photo:
Keep refreshing until you find a face that you like and that AI generated person will be “you”

You will need to go to to generate a fake SSN for yourself. This will go in your “dox.”

Once you are satisfied, you can begin making the fake dox on yourself. You can get on a VPN like NordVPN and make some bullshit accounts like a gmail or a fake instagram or twitter account.
Use a password generator for these fake burner accounts.
Put the password to these burner accounts in the fake dox, along with the username. Try to post a little on the accounts first for like a week and make it believable BUT not with any real information that could identify you. For your burner email, you could sign up for a few mailing lists under your generated fake name to make the email account believable.

The last step is to post the fake dox on you. The only real thing in it should be your real/actual alias in the dox title.
if you do it right, people who want to dox you will be easily misled and believe you have actually been doxed.

You should pretend like you were really doxed and that the fake dox is real to give it authenticity.

After that, go to sites like Whitepages,,, etcetera.
Look up your real information, if it is out there.
Request that your information be removed from their website or concealed.

The less information out there, the lower your probability of being doxed is.
I hope this tutorial can be of some use to you.