Downloading Torrents Anonymously?

Hey Guys,

What methods do you use to download Torrents Anonymously?

Is there any other method to download without using a VPN that you use?

I read about methods to download first into Google Drive via Collab then save to computer but that is Extra work.

I am just asking for Education purposes as if someone is using any cool methods as there are pretty smart people around the OneHack community.

I Torrent a lot and have started getting Copyright Infringement Notices from my ISP.


You have no other choice, you have to use a good quality VPN.

If you are torrenting Apks, Anime, Movies, TV shows, et cetera, you can use Telegram with a VPN. Make sure to download stuff from popular channels.

You can upload to GDrive using Colab (with 73GB limit) using a VPN (your ISP tracks you based on the sites you visit). You could even use a torrent server using Colab like uTorrent, tTorrent, et cetera for convenience (I personally use rTorrent, I have seen speeds going upto 65 Mbps).

BE CAREFUL. You need to take those notices from your ISP seriously. Otherwise, you will face legal issues which you don’t want obviously.

Hope it helps.

keepsolid vpn has several servers just to download torrent files try that

I just download it in my RDP then I just share my Storage with it and transfer it to my computer.

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Is tails + openvpn enough to be nearly completely anonymous? This article says using a VPN over tails reduces anonymity.

you can register for a FREE account here :
You can pay if you want more features.

I use a VM, running Windows 7, that has an automatic kill switch for network access (DNS based) when it’s not connected to a VPN. And then made a script using AutoIt3, that automatically pings via IP address directly, my list of VPNs, connects to the fastest (and reconnects when it drops every 6+ hours), and then automatically continues running uTorrent’s downloads (VERY old version of it, since it was bought out). And I manage it all using a webpage from there on. It was the easiest way to ensure the traffic is protected, without cutting off access to the network to my other apps I’m using.