Download Unlimited files for Free from,soundcloud, tiktok, etc

Copy your link and go to the site below, choose the site that you want to download from ( downloader/hoster ) and then just paste the link in the empty address bar

have fun :wink:


thanks for sharing but its not unlimited, mega 12gb, uptobox 10gb and all others are below 1gb daily limit.
thanks anyway


are you sure? cause it says you have 10GB per hour !

your welcome :slight_smile:

Can you please give a method for RapidRar ??

unfortunately i couln’t find any site for that

Its not unlimited I’ve been using that page for a while at least not for uploaded, but its an amazing page unlock the download speed from uploaded and you can always restart your modem or use a vpn to download more files.


Thank you … is there any way for nitroflare …


Uptobox is giving error !!
" Download Error!×

A session problem has occurred."

Does this work for nitroflare, rapidgator and other file hosts too?

Please let us know.


Can I use this to download torrent file?

it doesn’t support nitroflare and rapidgator but it supports MEGA, Uploadboy, Uptobox and some other hosts

unfortunately no

try again with a vpn or another browser

your welcome unfortunately no

I find these comments here very funny to read.

It is crystal clear that this is a fake website, put up to earn ad and click money. (Every time you select a file service it has a page for the gearbest website that pops up) but the original poster (who is most likely the one making the money) keeps telling people to make it work by using a VPN: LISTEN PEOPLE: if you have a VPN you don’t need this website at all. With a VPN you can download all the time from all these file services by switching your IP after every download.

Too funny. But people keep using it and coming back and telling you how awesome this is. NO! It is just a web interface to the file service, just like a browser within your browser. This website has no special way to overcome the download limits for any file service. What’s really funny is that this fake website keeps telling you that that it is fake website because it shows your ip has downloaded enough and you need to come back in a few hours. Which is the same if you download directly from these file services using your browser I bet the people who put up this website are laughing their guts out at the stupidity of people using it.

I sometimes wonder at the mindset of the people who cannot figure this out. These are the same people who are constantly coming here for carding and other fraud methods. If you really are this ignorant that you cannot figure out this fake website doing nothing more than collecting pennies from your clicks by setting up a browser within a browser, then you will be caught right away when you do carding or other fraud. And you will deserve it.

Even after this post people will continue to click like lab rats in a cage being tested for addiction. Right now there are 400 clicks. I’ll be back tomorrow and there will be 1200. That’s 1200 suckers.


i don’t own that site and i don’t make any money out of it.
It works really well but there is limitations and if people want to download files larger than the limited size, they should use a VPN.

@Emile you should know that you can’t download from sites like uploaded … with a good download speed, so in order to lift the download speed limitations for free you have to use sites like this. so instead of accusing people and giving them wrong information, help them.

@1159: I am helping them by calling you out and your website as fake.

Change your ip adress and redownload your files !

Unfortunately NOT. I have tried and tried without success. Some you win and some you lose.

Here’s 3 more to add to your list for creating the neccessary accounts …
Deepbrid … Very Good
Have FUN !