Download Issue using IDM


I enrolled in an online course and it is good only for 1 month I don’t think I would be able to learn everything I need to learn within 1 month so I plan to download the courses using IDM so I can study offline. During registration, they ask for everything including my address.

My question is, would they find out that I downloaded their course using IDM? I am not a web developer so I don’t know if they would have a tool at the backend to know if there’s someone downloading their content. Please help.


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I think no problem . IDM Just capture from the link if there any downloadable resource idm will catch it that’s it. You can justify any lesson after downloading …Just copy the downloaded link from idm history and paste it to browser it will not work … idm only work these types of issues in real time browsing .

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u can download the course directly to ur drive if you want… use the search button .

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Nah, you can download, anything you want/can using IDM and nobody will protest. To server it is same like if you are watching, opening pages. Whats worst that could happen is you will get slower speed after exceeding some possible quota they could have. So if you wanna be super cautious, limit maximum connection to server to 2-3 in IDM or limit download speed [also in IDM] if you have fast connection i.e. >100Mbps

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I was just scared that if I downloaded all the course in one day and they found out then they will not allow me to be part of their live sessions for questions and answers. So you guys are saying that even the backend they won’t be able to monitor that someone is downloading their course? thanks

To my knowledge IDM use cookies to download files, so they can’t distinguish whether its download from browser or IDM (if user-agent is defined for Chrome or firefox which IDM should be doing). There can be 2 ways of finding it out.

1.If u download with multiple connection. What I know is, most streaming videos download data linearly. like 1-100KB, 100KB - 200KB. With multiple connection it is obvious that the user is play video at 8 or 16 different points simultaneously which is not possible.
2. If your download speed is too high on single connection also. Lets say you have 10MBPS connection and the video is of 1 hr long (240p). The browser doesn’t load the whole video once like, youtube. 1 - 2 min buffer video is preloaded. So to view the whole video of 1 hr, the whole video should be downloaded in like 55 min. If you complete the download in 2 min it will be like you have completed 1 hr video in 2 min. Which is also not possible.
My suggestion -
limit connection to 1
restrict download speed such that it is near to actual time of video.

Also, I don’t think people will bother to detect these on server side. So just download without thinking

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Thank you so much. this clears it. thanks