Download IEEE and Springer Paid Paper for free

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Here is a trick to Download any Paid Paper/journal/conference etc for free.
Step 1: Go to Springer or
IEEE website.

Step 2: Search your Paper and copy the URL from the address bar.

Step 3: Now goto to this Website SCI-HUB paste your link and download the file as PDF.


Scihub is popular but many papers are not available.

its not working… please give us demo…
thanks for sharing …

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not working

can you help me show the steps or
download this form me

Best way is to copy the doi of the paper and paste in

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Great thanks – DOI worked for me

Thats the beauty of 1HACK forum

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Paste this link to download your book on SCI-HUB

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Search your paper on IEEE website or on Springer… after that copy the url from address bar and paste it on SCI-HUB
Example: I search Cyber Crime on IEEE

Now I will open 1st paper and copy the link from address bar

Now goto and paste ur link and then press enter…

Check img for reference…

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I have tried on multiple papers and work every time… working for books also :slight_smile:

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It’s really working guys for papers which doesn’t need to pay for (need only a subscription account and I assume they use an organization account to extract the docs and give it to you when you put the link). So if you try to download Ebooks from Spinger it will not work simply because it needs real money :slight_smile: , just lookup in the website you choose for what you need , take the link, paste it and gotcha, it’s simple.

Thanks for sharing @pirate_BIT :wink:


Sci-hub is tagged as the Robinhood of academia/research. You can get most subscription access journal papers FOC. The best way to go about it is using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number. The PubMed ID and URL also works but the latter is the best option.


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Those who are facing problem to download.

copy the paper/book link and go to

paste the link for DOI (search metadata) and then goto sci-hub for download.
it worked for me.

Thanks for sharing.