Download Data of your Choice

Couple of good sites for download what you want from the menu at no cost.
You don’t have to register. For downloading stuff just select the free version instead of the premium account. You can also if you know how is to get yourself a Premium Link Generator to download faster at no cost at all.
Anyway, here are the 2 sites …
2baksa this is a Russian site with english translation displayed.
There is one other I have just remembered. But you need to register (free) before you are allowed to download. You will have to translate the Russian into English in order to find out how to register. I did it with no problems and I am not Russian nor can I speak a word of it. Here is the link …
Rutracker You will love this site.
Here is another Russian site that I have just come across. Hope you like it.
AT the moment I am having a bit of trouble trying to register with them.
Anyway, I guess I will eventually stumble across the right way of doing it.
Here’s the link …Rustorka


My personal fav :heart:

Russian website, just translate to English… You can find many useful Software, Utilities, Graphics, Movies, Series, Anime, Music, Comics, Classic, Games, OS related stuff and other Multi-Media stuff.


I second Rutracker. I’ve been using it for 3.5 years now and have never gotten a virus. False positives? sure. But 0 viruses, malware, etc. (just exert common sense, critical thinking & an av and you’ll be fine. or just use vmware to test stuff).

Also, if you’re using the new chromium-based Edge you can have it translate Rutracker automatically via its built-in translator (basically the same as chromes built-in google translate).

Another +1 from RuTracker. I also use sanet.s.

I didn’t know some of the sites you guys listed, so thanks.

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DLL Downloader
Get all your missing DLL files here for FREE !

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Havent seen this site in a long long time, i used to visit that site often. Thanks for sharing.

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Really really really worthy… Once again truly lovely… Thanks a ton…

how can i download anythings from you mention website “”

Very helpful indeed, but I won’t need a translator on this site hehe…